My name is Reza and my father’s name is Hassan; my grandfather was also Jafar, who died several years ago and is buried in the honest fold of the Fariman.
His father, the late Mullah Mohammed, lies in the old cemetery of Fariman, next to a place known as the Quran hill.
The Father of Allah, His Merciful Mullah Sadiq is buried beside the tomb of Younis (AS) in the city of Younesi; and the brave and brave man who endowed the pond of Nabak near the shrine (the lower part of the pilgrimage) is Mir Abedin; he lives with dignity in the city Younesi spent several times with the looters of Turkmen and Ghazes in a confined area with a devastating enemy in Kerman and Shahrud, along with 120 men from Younes to the foot of the leg, Mir Adhadin ultimately based on verbal documents during hunting by the enemy’s fifth pillar Behind the target of the beam; your soul is joyful and its path is filled
And I stand with my friends after a hundred and fifty or two hundred years old alongside the memorials.
In the interview, Ali Abbas Poorzani described Mir-Abedin as a hermit and somewhat hermit … One time, an invader Turkmen rider was attacked and disarmed with a vertical tent.
In Kerman, for a shotgun, they needed to have a lead, they had ordered the lead from the bottom of the reservoir, which was a surprise for helpers.
Kerman was able to escape from the siege of the enemy with the help of his predecessors, and the brave people of the Younis district returned to the house proudly